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About Us

Proudly serving Canadians for over 10 years.

TOMOS Canada has been a distributor of quality Scooters, eScooters, eBikes, Outboard Motors and Inflatable Boats in North America for over a decade.  It is a source of pride for us to be able to provide each year’s new line of TOMOS-brand product for sale on the Canadian market.  TOMOS products, built to standards of excellence honed over TOMOS’ fifty years in the motorcycle, scooter, eScooter, and eBike manufacturing industry, meet the highest standards for motorsports equipment quality in Canada.

To serve the customer better, TOMOS Canada houses all its Scooters, eScooters, and eBikes for sale in a our warehouse and distribution centre in Mississauga, with over 50,000 square feet of storage space.  This warehouse is stocked with enough product, parts, and manuals to provide full service and confidence to our valued customers and dealers.

TOMOS Canada offers a 1-year limited warranty on manufacturers defects for all of our scooters and mopeds for sale in Canada.  Our APS line of outboard motors is offered with a two-year limited warranty.  TOMOS Canada’s fully trained staff is ready to respond to any questions or concerns that a dealer or customer may have regarding any of the Scooters, eScooters, or Outboard Motors and Inflatable Boats that we have for sale.

TOMOS, a reputable manufacturer based in Solvenia, has been producing Motorcyles, and Scooters for over fifty years.  Like fine wine, our company’s products have only gotten better with age.  Anyone who owns or has owned a TOMOS will say the same.

TOMOS units are built for the road.  No matter where you decide to ride them—whether around town, across the province, or across the country—each Scooter, eScooter or Outboard Motor for sale at TOMOS will be able to handle whatever you demand from it, and then some.  Owning a TOMOS means having the independence and the freedom to go where you want, whenever you want to go there.

Whether you’re young or old, owning a TOMOS is a cost-effective, enjoyable way to get around town.

Best regards from all of us at TOMOS. 

Max Greco

President, TOMOS Canada